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If you need a business card, banner, brochure, or just about anything else printed, look no further than Signs to Go in Edmond Oklahoma. We deliver affordable, high-quality products according to your specific needs and schedule.

Signs to Go offers a multitude of different services including but not limited to screen printing, vehicle wraps, real estate signs, flags, brochures, banners, stickers, business cards, PVC signs, and posters. We order according to your schedule, on demand, ensuring that you get exactly what you need when you need it. We can handle the job regardless of the size.

Signs to Go has been sserving residents and businesses in the Edmond Oklahoma area and throughout the state for years. View our many options on website below.

We would love to work with you.



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Convenient Drawstring Bags & Fanny Packs

Bags and fanny packs are affordable and useful, and with all the different styles available, they’re sure to grab attention.

Hone Your Public Speaking Skill

It’s a good idea whether you’re new to public speaking or a seasoned veteran.

Very few people are able to avoid public speaking entirely, whether it’s to a room of 250 people for a wedding speech or a small workplace panel. And yet, 77% of American adults feel at least some anxiety when public speaking or preparing to do so, according to the National Institutes of Health. But not speaking well can certainly have an impact on career mobility, not to mention sales performance.

Whether you’re preparing for a team presentation, sales pitch, panel discussion or award acceptance speech, it’s important to continue to polish your public speaking skills. As uncomfortable as it may be, make it a goal this new year to improve your performance, no matter if you’re new to selling or a seasoned professional. Here are five ways to make it less scary.


     1. Practice alone first. If you think you can deliver remarks without practicing, think again. Don’t try to wing it – the pressure of people looking at you expectantly might cause you to lose your train of thought. Write everything down and then expand or cut material as necessary to fit the timeframe. Then deliver it to yourself, out loud, to get comfortable with the information and make sure you’re including everything you want to say. Delivering it to an audience of one will put less pressure on you at the beginning and help you to craft your presentation well.

     2. Moderate your speech. When speaking in front of others, we all naturally tend to speed up. Practice speaking very slowly (more than you think is necessary) and time your presentation at the slower rate. Don’t be afraid of silence; pauses add interest to your remarks, and unnecessary filler words such as “ah,” “um” and “like” can be distracting. Also take a few deep breaths to slow your breathing and thoughts and, subsequently, your pace of speaking.

     3. Request a test audience. Ask a coworker or two if they could take a few minutes to listen to your presentation, either in person or virtually, and offer honest feedback. Speaking before a few friendly faces will simulate delivering in front of the actual audience and will also let you work out any snags beforehand. Also consider tapping into the “offstage beat” – take a few minutes beforehand to generate a positive mindset that will inform your overall delivery when you’re in front of the group. Having notes is fine, but don’t look down and read them.

     4. Look for opportunities to speak. Sharpen your speaking skills by finding podcasts or panels where you could speak and offer to be a guest. It’s a little more conversational than a speech in front of a full room, but it will help you to become increasingly comfortable with simply speaking in front of a group of people. Even just speaking up more during team meetings (ask if you can facilitate a few) or in a Twitter Space can help your comfort levels. Once you feel confident in front of different audiences, it’ll make formal presentations even easier.

     5. Host workshops. If you’re in charge of a sales team, make public speaking a priority for them in the new year, too. Hold a series of training sessions and encourage the giving and receiving of constructive feedback. Some may be seasoned speakers but may have adopted bad habits, such as too many filler words or not enough eye contact. If some are resistant, ask them to present on a topic they love, even if it’s outside of work. Point out the positive aspects of each presentation in real time, while asking the team to submit critiques afterward to you for anonymity.

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